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Legal Resolutions: Contracts, Mediation, and More

Welcome to Legal Resolutions

Yo, yo, yo, let’s talk about legal resolutions, mediation agreements and legal situations, no arbitration clause, what’s the deal? Let’s break it down and see what’s real.

Mediation Agreements

When legal disputes arise, it’s important to find a solution that’s wise. An example of a mediation agreement can show you the way, helping to resolve conflicts day by day.

No Arbitration Clause

But what if there’s no arbitration clause in a contract? Don’t worry, there’s still legal rights and options to track. Consulting a lawyer is the way to go, to learn about legal rights you need to know.

Contract Templates and Advice

Looking for a consulting contract template in word? We’ve got you covered, it’s free to download and fully customizable, no other contract will have you smothered. And if you need free legal advice in Saskatoon, we’re here to help, providing consultations that can make you yelp.

Legal Careers and Applications

Interested in legal careers that will make you soar? We’ve got tips and advice for the prospective lawyer, helping you navigate the legal employer. And if you’re thinking about applying to UCLA Law, we’ve got the important deadlines and requirements you need to explore.

Legal Statements and Financial Rules

When it comes to writing a formal statement for court, we’ve got the writing guide that will help you sort. And if you need to know about general financial rules in 2020, we’ve got the PDF that’s ready to go.

Legal Remedies and Business Agreements

Wondering if a minority shareholder can sue a company? We’ve got the legal rights and remedies explained, so you can make decisions that are shrewd. And if you need a cooperation agreement draft, we’ve got the legal guidance for your business to craft.